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What does funduscopic mean

What does funduscopic mean?

Herein, What does funduscopic mean?

Also known as ophthalmoscopy or funduscopy, fundoscopy is a procedure in which the back portion of the eye is examined. This part of the eye, known as the fundus, includes the blood vessels that feed the eye, the retina, the optic disk, and the choroid.

What is the meaning of fundoscopy?

, fundoscopy (fun?dus'ko-pe) [ fundus + -scopy] Examination, esp. visual, of the fundus of any organ. In ophthalmology, visual examination of the fundus of the eye.

What is funduscopic examination of the eye?

Funduscopic examination is a routine part of every doctor's examination of the eye, not just the ophthalmologist's. It consists exclusively of inspection. One looks through the ophthalmoscope (Figure 117.1), which is simply a light with various optical modifications, including lenses.

What is fundus examination?

In ophthalmology, visual examination of the fundus of the eye. The act of examining the fundus of the eye, as with an ophthalmoscope or with a biomicroscope and slit-lamp. Want to thank TFD for its existence?

What is the difference between fundoscopy and ophthalmoscopy?

Fundus is the medical term that eye doctors use to describe the inner portion of the back of the eye. A fundoscopic exam (or fundoscopy) is the same thing as ophthalmoscopy; it’s simply a different name for the same procedure. Does ophthalmoscopy hurt?