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What does gotu stand for

What does gotu stand for?

Herein, What does gotu stand for?

Gaotu Techedu Inc. ("Gaotu" or the "Company") (NYSE: GOTU), a leading online large-class after-school tutoring service provider in China, today announced that Mr. Wei Liu, Vice President, has tendered his resignation for personal reasons. The resignation is effective on the same day.

What is the meaning of Gotchu?

1. A statement used for your trust in return. Otherwise said by someone that swears to be there because you are going through hard times. A statement of LOYALTY ,FRIENDSHIP, and or PROTECTION from anyone or anything that will cause you harm. Don't worry about anyone nor anybody, you ride with me now, I gotchu.

What is got gotu kola?

Gotu kola is often known as Asiatic pennywort or spadeleaf – an appropriate nickname for plants with attractive leaves that look like they were stolen from a deck of cards.

What does Goto mean in programming language?

Freebase(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Goto is a statement found in many computer programming languages. It performs a one-way transfer of control to another line of code; in contrast a function call normally returns control. The jumped-to locations are usually identified using labels, though some languages use line numbers.

What does gotacronym stand for?

Acronym Definition GOT Game of Thrones (TV show) GOT Glossary of Terms GOT Gulf of Thailand (continental shelf) GOT Give Or Take 23 more rows