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What is the Graham Cassidy healthcare plan

What is the Graham-Cassidy healthcare plan?

Herein, What is the Graham-Cassidy healthcare plan?

The Graham-Cassidy measure, authored by Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, would gut the consumer protections of the ACA and give states free reign over how to reshape health care coverage for millions and millions of Americans.

What is the Graham-Cassidy plan for Medicaid?

Graham and Cassidy say that this provision would return power to the states and allow them to create programs that fit their residents' needs. Also, it seeks to equalize Medicaid funding across the states by taking money from states that expanded Medicaid and giving it to those that didn't.

What does Bill Cassidy stand for in healthcare?

Bill Cassidy. Graham–Cassidy (sometimes written as Cassidy–Graham) or Graham–Cassidy–Heller–Johnson is the common name for Senate Amendment 1030 (S.Amdt. 1030) to the American Health Care Act of 2017 (H.R. 1628).

How would the Graham-Cassidy bill change federal funding?

How Graham-Cassidy would alter federal funding. The bill would overhaul or eliminate major sections of the health care law, including its subsidized insurance coverage and Medicaid expansion. Instead, states would receive block grants, or a lump sum of money from the federal government, which they could use largely as they see fit.

What does the CBO's delay mean for the Graham-Cassidy bill?

The CBO score’s delay is a setback for the Graham-Cassidy bill’s detractors, as CBO scores for Republicans’ past attempts at health care reforms — which estimated as many as 23 million Americans could lose their health care — helped to secure the bills’ demises. But what goes into the estimate at the heart of the health care debate?